Talking Stick for Apple TV


The app for face-to-face family conversations or business meetings. Are your family conversations or meetings dominated by one person, while another one never says a peep? Try Talking Stick.

Don't just use your TV for passive watching, use it to bring conversation back into the family sphere, and make sure everybody is heard and allowed time to say their piece. Talking Stick facilitates democracy in speaking allowing everyone to be heard, and no one to speak too much.

Fast and simple to get started:

• Enter names of participants (will be stored for next time).

• Select time allowance (total or per person).

• Optionally, set a limit to avoid long-winded speeches.

• Select "Start", and when the speaker is done, select "Next speaker".

Talking Stick tracks the time spent by each speaker, and will show when it is time for the speaker to give room for someone else. Alerts will sound if the speaker exceeds the allocated time limits.

Conversation timer


Assign a duration to the whole conversation, or per speaker, then easily ensure that nobody speaks too much and that everybody gets a chance to say their piece.

Time adjustment and penalties


During the conversation you can adjust the time allocated to a speaker, and penalize speakers who interrupt.



Set default time allocation.

Set a "long-wind limit" to make sure speakers keep it short.

Select the level of audible alerts: Off, Minimal, Polite, or Incessant.

Managing speakers


Talking Stick remembers speaker names from previous sessions, so you can quickly setup for a new conversation.


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